About Dr. V. Krishnasamy

“It is possible to heal people without medicines”

For a healthy life and to live without disease, the basic requirements are Satvic( non-spicy, Non-Oily ) vegetarian food in moderate quantities , and a strict regimen of regular physical exercise for body and meditation & svadhyaya ( Spiritual study ) for mind . This is the main plank of the Divine Healing practiced and propagated by Dr. Krishnasamy.  He has already trained over 1000 persons at various places who too practice Divine Healing and have benefited thousands to regain their lost health even when other systems of treatment have failed.  His ambition is to create one healer in every home.
During these visits, as also at his home in Coimbatore, hundreds of people are seen by him entirely free.  He prescribes simple yogic exercises (not asana) breathing exercises and a diet regime.  Yoga with pranayama he says, results in tranquility of mind which is a pre-requisite for health or Swaasthya. For a healthy life and to live without disease, the basic requirements are Satvic(non-spicy, Non-Oily ) vegetarian food in moderate quantities ,and a strict regimen of regular physical exercise  for body  and meditation & svadhyaya (Spiritual study) for mind  .
One naturally doubts how a person like Dr. Krishnasamy who has not passed out of a medical college can claim to heal diseases.  But seeing is believing.  Among the persons who had benefited besides thousands of  women, children  and old and ailing people l, there are doctors, lawyers, journalists, industrialists and other intellectuals who surely cannot be called as a gullible lot falling for any quack.
Just to mention a recent instance, a patient  who was lying in coma in Leelavati Hospital in Mumbai because of serious head injuries he had when he had fell off a running train.   After two sittings with Dr. Krishnasamy, this person started talking and walking. Like him there are innumerable cases short of miracle .
An integral part of this Divine Healing is based on  acupressure using only fingers; a treatment which has some commonality with the Chinese healing system Tai Chi. He holds Masters degree granted by  the  Srilankan Institute Medicina Alternative Colombo  founded by Sir Anton Jayasuriya  a world renowned Acupuncture Professor  thru which he provides instant relief  from acute pain and suffering  be it chronic head ache, painful joints, back .  Dr. Krishnasamy was invited to Singapore last year and the training imparted by him was highly appreciated as this was a simplified form which could be learnt easily.

Dr.  Krishnasamy was a diabetic himself and used to be on medicines (insulin injection and tablets) from 1975 to 1986. However, the inability of his doctor in Chennai to see him despite an appointment having been fixed, triggered his thinking.  “I have consumed all the prescribed allopathic medicines for over 10 years now and still there is no improvement whatsoever.  Now let me see what other alternative treatment I should have to regain my health”.  The search took him to a Divine Healer in Chennai who not only made him regain his lost health but also imparted this divine knowledge   From 1986 onwards he has not taken any tablets etc. for any disease. , and himself treated so many ailing patients.

Dr. V.  Krishnasamy, who was in the transport business, gave away  all his businesses  to  his employees and plunged whole-heartedly into this Divine Healing activity. He says that allopathic doctors may still call him diabetic but he no longer follows any  restrictions  and regimen  food  nor does he take medicines/injections for diabetes as he used to up to 1986.

Among those cured by Divine Healing are asthma cases, diabetic cases, persons with high blood pressure, arthritis, spinal problems, eczema, obesity etc.  Needless to say most of them had tried & exhausted  all other forms of treatment allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment for years but without success.  Each person who had been successfully healed has publicized this by mere word of mouth and this has resulted in hundreds of new cases turning up at the Divine Healing Camps organized at various places in India.

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